we are looking for this man. he looks like a regular old guy, but in reality he is an undercover secret agent camouflaged in the guise of a voyeur. do not be fooled, he uses the hump to hide his very sophisticated instrumentation. if you see him give us a holler.

"The hood" Peeping Tom

(Mrs. Olga) The invitation of a friend to retreat into the countryside house

On departing for her shopping tour, Mrs. Olga had left her daughter to the care of Lorenza. A TV presenter who had a weakness for the girl who was once full of grace. She had forced the milky and silky complexion (courtesy of a porcelain), but all in all she was a plump and well-made person, and in her voice were the slack cadences of the roman way of speaking. And Mrs. Olga’s daughter empathized with this one who, to tell the whole story, if it had been possible to make her catch a rich husband, maybe a heir, they would have fucking gotten rid of her. – Mrs. Olga is waiting for you inside the post

(Mrs Olga) The Beagle Boys came down from the mountains of the East

On that ground, at least, the Russians soon admired their superiority. The Baroness Strangoloff, on the verge of madness for a disease of the nerves, retired her equilibrium from the race of life and started reading cards and hands. With her sons, she had gone off to live a new life in the condominium, while Mrs. Burtin, who has the easiest , quickest and happiest part in this story, had moved her residency elsewhere. The fervor of that woman from the East had immediately heated up the environment and in no time she had begun getting busy with the future of some tenants. – Mrs. Olga is waiting for you inside the post

(Mrs. Olga) Troubled dinner

The cardinal surely thought he would look really good to Mrs. Olga’s eyes, stuck to the TV, with his rich pontifical ornaments. The extraordinary ceremony gown embedded with silk and contraptions of all kinds flaming in the sun. “The prince told me the other day that he was the happiest man in the world, which really made me sorry”. – Mrs. Olga is waiting for you inside the post

(Mrs Olga) Mrs. Olga’s curses

Mrs Olga argues she takes care of us by  cursing. through the most violent fantasies that come to her mind,  to Mr. Nilai, who likes to stand back reading books, he supposedly became a sociable man, the call girl model, maniac of her freedom, VAT number prisoner, the bitch  on the landing, who scratches and scratches, equipped with a model husband. -the Italian version is waiting for you inside the post

(Mrs Olga) Drops

This morning I found a note on my door saying “I finally reached the empty space between the intolerable and the I-don’t-give-a-shit. I’ll be waiting for you there to get you.” A group of mumblers was waiting for me to define some details, about which I heard they are hiding the devil, for an urban design plan. – Mrs. Olga is waiting for you inside the post