Sexuality and disability: interviews and ideas for a sociological study


The “presumption” of ‘heterosexuality that prevails in our society also pervades in the literature regarding the link between sexuality and physical disabilities, including multiple sclerosis. It will therefore be very difficult for those of you who have a diagnosis of MS and are gay to find something written about the problems and sexual needs of gay men and women with disabilities. Thirty years ago it was literally impossible to find any information in this regard, and unfortunately, the situation is only slightly improved nowadays. In fact, although there is an extensive list of articles in literature relating to homosexual relationships, I found very little information on the relationship between disabled people and gays and lesbians in general, and nothing specifically about gay people with MS.

While routinely topics are shared, both in real life and online on various websites, about the experiences of men and women who have multiple sclerosis, there is…

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