Amusing, challenging, dangerous

thoughtless her, speechless myself


“Which movie would you like to see today?”
‘I don’t know. Let’s just go and check!’

X is 16 now and it was one of those Saturdays which she spent at home watching stupid blockbuster movies with M. She is a peculiar young girl now, only just tall enough for her age; she has long brown, wavy hair and she gives a deep look with big black eyes. She was particularly slim as she had stopped taking her medication and she never truly smiled. – And oh how intelligent she was! At 16 she was given the opportunity to challenge herself with a series of Maths examinations in the City University, along with first year Bsc students. Honestly, it didn’t go very well because she was the only student selected in her school and too much pressure was put on her by her teacher. Elsewhere in school, she won many competitions in creative writing…

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