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  2. your character is very cool and funny looking, the message of this post sting me a bit though 😆 thanks for visiting by the way. I’m going to wander around your blog now ^^

  3. Sorry I’m commenting again, but just wanted to say thanks for the additional Like on my new post. Also, this post is still great 🙂

  4. the one on the right holds doors open for people and donates his weekends at the old folk’s home reading jane austin novels. the one on the left pops zits on his chest in his free time, but he knows more knock-knock jokes than the other guy.

  5. Hey, thanks for stoppin by and taking a gander at my page, looked around your site, found that you are interesting and very creative. I copped a sub and will follow you for a bit in my daily reader.


  6. I love that so many people are resonating here with what you’re doing from your heart! Glad you found (and liked my site) – quite different from yours, but it too is about allowing inspiration to see the light. Rock on…!

  7. It’s very tricky!


    Thank you for always bringing me inspiration through your creativity, inspiring stories, sense of humour, and beautiful photos. Your blogs truly brighten up my day and inspire my own creativity. Thank you! For this, I’ve nominated you for this Very Inspiring Blogger Award. If you would like to accept this award, you can follow the instruction on my post “Thank You“


  8. I want to know about the skinny guy, the line, that appears in the middle of the two. Is it a friend, who is very shy, and doesn’t want to show him/herself? :{ )
    Continued thanks for liking my blog, best wishes for continued creativity with yours.

  9. Ciao!

    Great post. Great drawing(s)! Awesome and highly important message!
    Once you realise this fact whenever you meet /get to know someone, you’ll accept him/her the way they are. Tolerance is there, empathy can be kept safe and a healthy ‘of-whatever-sort’ relationship may be developed.
    We ourselves have things/characteristics we love/like and others that we don’t. Some we can change, others we simply need to accept.
    The very same drawings of yours could be captioned in the first person: “This is the guy I want to know / This is the guy I don’t want to know”.

    Keep on the brilliant work!


    I’ll keep in touch.



  10. Interesting post. Like the difference between looking in the mirror on a good day or a bad day.
    Thanks for liking my post “Reading to Write.” I hope you’ll stop by again.
    Tori McRae

  11. I am discovering that a great way to encourage people to drop by your blog is to take the time to drop by theirs. It made me want to see what you’re up to when I saw that you “liked” my post. I browsed your blogosphere and now I can’t stop smiling. I may have this silly grin on my face all day long – and it will be all your fault! If it wears off, I know where I can come to find it again. Thank you so much!!

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  13. I like your boundless creativity, it is an inspiration. Thanks for your support of my blog. But I also want to nominate you for the Beautiful Blogger Award. If you check out the latest post on russell5087 you will see the picture saying “Beautiful Blogger”. The idea here (and I hope it isn’t some stupid scam of some sort), is to pass along the nomination to seven bloggers you like. You post your nominations, thanking the blogger who nominated you by giving their link, and then listing your nominations, then you contact those bloggers (just like I am doing now), and tell them you have nominated them. And tell them how to pass this thing along, as I am doing. (In fact, you might want to just copy what I have written and pass it along to save time.) You also need to copy the ‘logo’ or picture of Beautiful Blogger on your post, like I did. I guess the idea is to make more people aware of your blog and the blogs that you like, and hopefully generate more traffic and more likes. We all like knowing we are being read, right? So, do whatever…I don’t know if anybody ever actually wins this thing or what that means or where this thing began. But so long as nobody asks for money I am fine with it. I like acknowledging blogs I like and I like yours. You deserve some acknowledgement!


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