Call for foreign participants: “Shakespeare as a source in theater and literature”

Call for foreign participants: “Shakespeare as a source in theater and literature”

Dear all, we are pleased to inform you about the Italian Cultural Institute La Corte Ospitale organization of the international training course “Shakespeare as a source in theather and literature” that will be held in Rubiera (Reggio Emilia – IT) from 9 to 16 of March 2014The course, with the direction of Oscar De Summa, has the aim to discover the contemporary potentiality of Shakespeare’s masterpieces in social and educational workand it represents a good occasion to approach Shakespeare as a pedagogical source, to study into deep the masterpieces of Hamlet, Othello, Romeo and Juliet and to develop intercultural dialogue between participants from other European countries. 

The course is recognised as In Service Training activity in the official Grundtvig data-base of the European Commission (Cod. n. IT-2014-1047-001), the Programme that promotes international mobility in adult education. Participants can apply for a grant from the National Agency in their country of origin and obtain the complete reimbursement of the registration fee, travel and accomodation costs.

The course is addressed to teachers and theater experts working in adult training and education, such as schools, universities, theather companies, cultural associations, artists, directors but also trainers, social workers and educators working with desadvantaged adults or young people.

Application process:

1. Fill in the pre-registration form and send it to before 12 of September 2013.

2. A pre-registration confirmation will be delivered to your e-mail address within 24 hours;

3. By our confirmation, applicants will be able to apply for the grant directly at their local National Agency. (Without our confirmation is not possible to apply for a grant: please make sure you contact us before);

4. Applicants will have to wait for the response from their National Agency (usually within 10 weeks).

Important: The Grundtvig Grant is available only for residents outside Italy and for citizens of a country participating in the LLP Programme (see National Agencies above). Participants HAVE TO be involved in the education sector, both as teachers, educators or administrative staff. They can also be “prospecting” educators. The deadline for applications under the Grundtvig Programme is 17 September 2013.

For more information feel free to contact La Corte Ospitale – Via Fontana, 2 – 42048 – Rubiera (RE) – ITALY Tel. +39 338.6182868 – Tel. +39 0522.621133 – Fax.+39 0522.262343 Email:

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Grants available with the Grundtvig Programme! 

Thanks a lot!

Edilio Ciclostile


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