not knowing abo…

not knowing about me more than the books fell in my pit, I go to retrieve someone to read them again

Rusty EdiEddie performing self-produced movie -in the ass to daddy- che in italiano fa: in culo a papà

non sapendo di me più che i libri caduti nel mio pozzo, vado a recuperarne qualcuno per rileggerlo

4 thoughts on “not knowing abo…

    • it rains here, I should go running but I think I give up. And this is not the best part of the day. I had a nightmare in which two boys, quite pissed off with the life, carried around an ax and the clothing that they thought best for the occasion to carry it around and do damage on the bodies of the people were swimsuit and beach slippers. I woke up at 5:00 AM with the image of me not able to shot them down. I thinks it has something to do with the two Boston murderers. After I woke up I tried to write ideas for a novel and I discovered that a useless mouse is worse than running out of the use of the thumbs. However, it is also true that I found a number of blogs, including your, with a lot of interesting stuff and I’m very happy for that! I hope you don’t mind if I take inspiration from your work which makes a different meaning in my mouth.


      • hello… uh, sorry to hear about the disturbing night episode. 🙂 i had a similar experience a few years back when bank robbers inside an industrial complex here killed everybody on sight. it was a first bank heist with every person inside the premises down and dead. it bothered me for about a month, i think… hope you’ll get over the Boston tragedy earlier than i did, huh. 🙂

        btw, you might like to take a peep of an old poem of mine, title is In the Fields of Hate I Wondered. it was published in the light of the Connecticut shooting, Dec. 2012. it might interest you or you might have a different take on the matter, say? ^^ thanks for the visit, E.C. . 🙂 all the best, cheers!


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