the cuff of the kidnapped

scrEaMing mANgo [ Eman Paelmo ] Had no formal training in drawing and illustration. What I have is learned from doing stuff for my friends and classmates that started at Grade 3, I think. Growing up in Paete, Laguna, virtually a cooking pot of talent and art back in the day. High school and college is no different. Dropped out of Far Easter University. I did, however managed to acquire animation skills at TOEI Animation Philippines, as In-Betweener for 10 years, give or take a few. Had some short stints with a [collectible figures] work, color concepts for the painting section, a small Japanese craft firm, also doing very detailed paintings on such disparate items, and so on. Did graphic duties for a mobile app firm, managed to have have worked with fine individuals, programmers and artists. Nowadays, it’s motion graphics for my home team – Creative Development for News at Tv5 Manila. I still illustrate some stuff that comes with the job, simulation sketches for news reports that require description other than interviews. I also play a 12-string Guitar by Zeny Bandilla and still love to read books, like movies and love my family.

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