38 thoughts on “Monster

  1. i have to admit,….i have absolutely no idea what your cartoon meant!!!!,….but that’s fine with me!!!!!,……i’m just glad that you are having a good time here!!!!!!!,……..take care,…….toksoon………..

  2. Edilio, I am so excited that u went to look at my blog. U r my first viewer…the blog is a work in progress. Came in two weeks time when I will be posting the results of my first stage in my Experimental writing project.

  3. Hi Eddie……I thought that was “twistedly” funny……it reminds me of something I would have written as a college student when under stress because I could not get an assignment to flow properly……….Kim

  4. OH, OK. Went here: http://www.inspiritive.com.au/nlp.htm

    In my minilesson at the above site, I have come to think that the monster wasn’t bored. Given the intent and purpose of the NLP, couldn’t we then assume that the monster was better able to manage his thoughts and feelings, and thus realized his potential? 😉

    Thanks for visiting me today! ~ Lynda


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