Ho nascosto/I hid

I hid my hands in the idea of infinity/I scratched them on the details of this world/I did all this to distract me/Why I did not think to talk with you?

30 thoughts on “Ho nascosto/I hid

    • ma ci hai ripensato o no? Non posso prendere magnesio per dormire tutte le notto..su forza dimmi se ci hai ripensato dopo non aver pensato.:-))
      me ne vado ciao neh carlo

      — -oooO– —
      — -(- –) — –
      — –\ –( —
      — — \_)-
      — — — –Oooo —
      — — — –( — -)- —
      — — — — )– /– —
      — — — — (_/ –

  1. Greetings from (currently) Brazil! 😮

    Thank you for coming by our family/travel photoblog and subscribing to it! Hope you find great reading over here, among with our attempts to share unique images from our foreign service life, our challenges raising TCKs (third culture kids), and life as expats, adventurers, and parents-on-the-go!

    Cheers! http://3rdculturechildren.com

  2. aloha Edilio,
    ah, i see
    there is
    an outstanding mind
    this blog of lines –
    and images.
    a detail
    well worth exploring.
    the truth behind
    and beyond
    your humor.
    ah. way fun
    aloha – r

  3. Edilio Ciclostile, welcome to my blog! Grazie al cielo leggo anche l’italiano cosi mi sono fatta una scorpacciata delle tue avventure. Sei divertente! Ma il libro te l’hanno poi pubblicato?? Un’emigrata da Los Angeles che si e’ lasciata alle spalle le nebbie milanesi

    • Sono stato un emigrato londinese per due anni e non hai idea di quanto ti invidio (sempre che tu sia felice dove sei) … se ti riferisci a “Tale e Quale” uscirà in primavera. Sono contento di avere un’italiana all’estero che mi segue 😀 Ciao Claudia, Big HUG

  4. Buon mattino Edilio, io le mani al contrario di te, le ho legate…
    per non avere la tentazione di prendere a schiaffi questo mondo (società).
    Comunque il tuo “nascondere” mi piace molto.
    Un sorriso

  5. Read Martin Buber’s book “I and thou.”
    He was a Jewish Philosopher, and I think you would find his thoughts are similar. Community becomes barren, when we only use each other, instead of agape love. Marital Love and Intimacy only finds it’s full meaning in Matrimony. Keep up the quest for truth, and you will Find Him. Keep “knocking, asking and seeking.” Your thoughts are very honest. I like the woman crying and bleeding and you see her, and the eyes on the photo, give witness to her pain. Read: Blessed Pope John Paul II’s Apostolic Letter, “Making Sense Out of Suffering.” And, never, never, never give up. Discouragement, is the devil’s greatest tool, in his bag of tricks. Hope you have a brighter day, my new found friend.


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