Croatia: Normality Not Possible On Humanitarian Catastrophe Skid Row

Croatia, the War, and the Future

Screenshot Euronews 23 October 2015 At the Border Between Croatia and SerbiaScreenshot Euronews 23 October 2015
At the Border Between
Croatia and Serbia

The flood of people shows no sign of slowing even though cold, wet and miserable weather conditions have set in. Over 250,000 refugees and migrants have passed through Croatia in past six weeks with the increasing likelihood and fear that transfer to other countries such a Slovenia to assist them in reaching their desired destination in Western Europe will not be possible. Hence, temporary accommodation places are being opened in Croatia, the latest being in Slavonski Brod (a disused building in past used for administration for INA company will be fixed quickly)  to house some 5,000, and more and more countries painfully nursing the fear that they will be left with thousands of needy people and scanty resources.

The Humanitarian catastrophe is suffocating the very breath of all and normal living is fast becoming something that was.


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call it religion, politics, sports or other but you can not escape, 
behind every man there is always a cartoon blind

chiamala religione, politica, sport o altro ma non si scappa, dietro ogni uomo c’è sempre un cartone animato